Application Guide of F Visa for Foreign Citizens in Chongqing



I. Visa Extension and Renewal

Foreign citizens, who are invited to attend activities like nonprofit exchanges, visits, trips etc. in Chongqing, can apply for an F visa extension and renewal at the exit-entry administration of public security organ. A face-to-face interview and the following documentation are necessary:

1. Original and photocopy of a valid passport and visa;

2. The original Registration Form of Temporary Residence, issued and sealed by a local police station; or a hotel registration issued and sealed by a local hotel;

3. F Visa Application Form for Foreign Citizens accurately filled in with a black-ink pen, to which is attached one recent, half-length, unobstructed, full-face, 2-inch visa photo; a valid Receipt of Exit-Entry Photograph issued at a local photo studio authorized for digital exit-entry photographs;

4. Chinese official letter issued and sealed by hosts in Chongqing, describing the basic information of both the host and of the applicant, purposes of visiting China, time and place of staying, source of expense, exit-entry scheduling and warrant to abide by relevant laws during the stay in China;

5. For those receiving entities who have not finished the registration in the local exit-entry administration, the following materials shall be submitted: (1) the proofing materials on the qualification of the inviting and receiving entity, (2) the letter of commitment signed by the legal person of the receiving entity, (3) photocopy of the legal persons ID card, (4) original and photocopy of the undertaker designated by the receiving entity and (5) an official letter which states clearly that the receiving entity has consigned some employee as the undertaker to accompany the applicant to the exit-entry administrative organ for the visa application;

6. Other additional formalities and documents requested by the exit-entry administration of public security organ.

. Visa Re-issuance

Foreign citizens, having visas lost, damaged or stolen in China, can re-apply F visas at the exit-entry administration of public security organ. Apart from the documentation listed in Part I, a face-to-face interview and the following additional documentation are necessary:

1. For applicants having visas lost or stolen: a certificate of loss report of passport or a diplomatic note presented by their states’ embassy or consulates to China and a new passport;

2. For applicants having visas damaged: the damaged passport or a diplomatic note presented by their states’ embassy or consulates to China and a new passport.

. Important Reminders

1. All the originals (A4) are required for inspection and verification and all the photocopies (A4) for retention;

2. All the application documents in foreign language are better to be translated into Chinese by qualified translation companies before submission;

3. Applicants with Chinese household registration (hukou) cannot apply for F visas until their cancellation of registration; they are required to provide the certificate of registration cancellation issued by the local police station;

4. Applicants who want to extend F visas must present an application at least seven days in advance before the expiration of their F visas;

5. Applicants can reside in China temporarily with receipts for acceptance within 7 working days as their passports or other supporting documents for international travel are kept for visa extension, renewal or re-issuance;

6. Receiving units are required to be responsible for the authenticity of contents of the invitation letters;

7. Applicants and their relative receiving units or individuals are required to cooperate with staff at the exit-entry administration of public security organ when they verify application reasons by face-to-face interviews, directory inquiries or on-site investigations;

8. Should the exit-entry administration of public security organ determine not to extend, renew or reissue F visas, not to issue certificates of permanent residence for foreign citizens, or not to extend the intended date of their entry into China, then the decision will be final;

. Processing Time

Application results to be determined by Exit-Entry Administration Division of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau require at least seven working days (investigation time excluded) beginning from the date of receipt of all the valid application documents.



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